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The Moodle extension “Attendance” (plugin mod_attendance) can be used to document student attendance. If configured accordingly, students can record their attendance themselves. Teachers can export attendance lists. Students can display an overview of their own attendance.

The extension will be used on a trial basis for now, the Moodle team is looking forward to your feedback!

Create activity "Attendance"

Add the activity “Attendance” to your Moodle course (see “Create activities”). Enter a name for the activity.


Here you can see all the appointments you have entered. Appointments for which you have already recorded the attendances are visually distinguishable from those you have not yet recorded.

Add appointments

Here you enter the appointments for which you want to record the attendances. As in Outlook or other agendas, you can enter one-time appointments as well as recurring appointments. You can have an entry automatically created in the Moodle course calendar for each appointment if needed.


Here you can see the attendance report for all participants of the Moodle course.


Here you can export the attendance for all, single groups or single participants as Excel/OpenOffice or text file. To do this, select the desired data and click OK. You can manually adjust the date for the start and end of the period by clicking on the small calendar next to the tab.

You will get an Excel list with all past events and the respective status of the participants (A = present, E = excused, ? = absent, etc.). Course units that are still in the future can also be included in the file by checking the box “Include course units not taken”.

Status Catalog

In the tab “Status Catalog” you can override how an appointment can be marked, e.g. as “present”, “late”, “excused” or even “absent”.

Temporary attendees

Here you can add additional people to the attendance record who are not enrolled in the Moodle course, but whose attendance you would still like to record.

Additional Materials

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