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Note: Before participating electronic examinations, students must be informed that they may only participate from a desktop PC or notebook. There may be problems with file submission via the app!

Tests in Moodle support the self-learning phase of students. Different question types are possible:

  • Single and multiple choice questions
  • Cloze questions
  • Drag-and-drop tasks
  • Questions that require calculated answers.

Students can get immediate feedback in quiz mode or receive a later evaluation in exam mode.

Setting up tests is done in two steps:

Set up and configure

  1. In edit mode: Select Create Material or Activity and add a Test.
  2. Configure the Test activity.

Depending on the planned setting (from self-test to e-exam), very different settings are possible. The settings for a simple self-test are described below; unless otherwise described, the default settings are used.

  • Name (mandatory field)

Enter name, appears on the course page.

  • Description

Enter information for students, e.g. what type of test scenario it is.

  • Time

No changes (no time limit).

  • Scoring

No changes (best attempt will be scored).

  • Question order

No changes (students may navigate freely between questions).

  • Question behaviour

Formative self-monitoring: Students can have their answers checked immediately and receive feedback on their answers. Questions can be answered multiple times.

  • Question behaviour: “Multiple answer (with hints)”.
  • Allow re-working in an attempt: “Students are allowed to repeat other versions of completed questions”.
  • Each attempt is based on the previous one: “Yes”.
  • Review options.

Set all crosses except for “Correct answer”.

  • Overall feedback

After answering all questions, feedback on the test as a whole can be deposited depending on the score achieved.

Save settings with “Save and display”. Test questions can then be created.

Further materials on tests

For more information on configuring test scenarios and details on the available question types, please refer to the general Moodle documentation:

Moodlesupport offers workshops on request workshops on the topic, please feel free to contact us!

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