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Feedback (ARS)

Feedback in teaching with Audience Response Systems (ARS) - voting systems for the lecture hall.

Use voting to make your event or lecture interactive.
Teachers can integrate individual questions into a lecture. The questions can be prepared or created spontaneously. The aim is to activate the students by posing content-related questions or structuring the course of the event.
Depending on the system used, students can also ask comprehension questions or give feedback on the course.
Feedback tools for the lecture hall are available as a supplement to Lecture evaluation (evaluation, evaSys at Jade University of Applied Sciences).

We advise you on the selection of suitable systems (e.g. ARSnova, eduVote), concrete application scenarios and technical implementation.

Introduction and guidance

In the blog of the Higher Education Forum on Digitisation (HFD), Dr. habil. Malte Persike, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, gives a general introduction to voting systems. He gives advice on the technology, possible scenarios and the state of research:

Anleitung Audience Response Systeme in der Lehre (german, last accessed 28.05.2022)

Software-based voting systems

  • eduVote - clear and good PowerPoint integration. University licence available.
  • ARSnova - More question formats and functions, feedback channel for students.
  • PINGO - sleek, freely available system.
  • Adobe Connect - in web conferences the pods “survey” or “question and answer” as well as chat can be used.

Didactic deployment

Didactic deployment scenarios (Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen,, 01.06.2017)

  • Live Feedback
  • Live assessment
  • Peer instruction
  • Inverted Classroom

Didactics on Voting Systems (, 18.01.2016)

Feedback tools in comparison

Comparison of different tools as well as recommendations and hints for their use.

Contact: Sabine Helmke

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