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Web conferences

Web conferences are communication systems used to hold web-based meetings and events (including exams).
Participants at different locations communicate with each other or listen in. Video images can be transmitted via webcam. Lecturers show presentations or screen contents. Participants and guests can speak or chat.
Video conferences use special transmission systems, but can usually also be achieved web-based. The possibilities in detail depend on the conference system and how organisers have set up a web or video conference.

Overview of the web conferencing systems at Jade University

Video conferences with Zoom

For teaching we recommend Zoom, inserted as an activity in a Moodle course room. Students can participate via Moodle without registering for Zoom.

Meeting with Webex

Jade University staff can use Cisco Webex for meetings and sessions.

Alternative Systems

For colloquia, appointment committees and meetings with special data protection requirements, we recommend using DFNconf.

Recordings of web conferences >256 MB

You can upload larger videos to the Collaboration Cloud of Jade University of Applied Sciences and then make them available via a link in Moodle. Please delete large videos when they are no longer needed.

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