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Use: Data protection-compliant use of ChatGPT
Term of validity: until further notice
License: Members of the Jade University
Contact: Ulrike Eichenauer

HAWKI” is an educationally designed interface based on ChatGPT from OpenAI. Members of Jade University use the platform with their university access data. No personal data is stored or passed on.

  • In addition to a chat area like ChatGPT, “HAWKI” offers the opportunity to have conversations with fictitious experts.
  • There are also learning spaces to understand the various support options and learn what makes an effective prompt.

The service was developed in the HAWK Interaction Design Lab ( to allow university members to integrate AI into their work processes and to enter into a discussion about the use of AI. With the publication on Github, other universities now also have the opportunity to make it available.


Guidance and support

(under construction)

  • Information course on HAWKI with further materials (Moodle course)
  • Guidelines for the use of generative AI tools at the Jade University of Applied Sciences


If you have any questions about “HAWKI”, please contact digitale-lehre [at]

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