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With the online survey tool Unipark, students can create internet-based surveys for their student (final) papers.

What is Unipark?

The Unipark program is a special offer for universities from the company QuestBack GmbH ( Unipark works with EFS Survey and is subject to the high data protection and security requirements of ISO 27001. The licence may be used for student (final) projects or other non-commercial university projects.

How do I get access?

You can obtain free access by sending an informal e-mail to Melanie Kirschner, stating your research project. Please use your university email address for your request. Unipark can be used immediately by students and other university members of the Department of Economics at Jade University of Applied Sciences (contact Sven Tiemann).
Members of other departments or organisational units should also contact Melanie Kirschner.

Create online survey with Unipark

No more support for Internet Explorer 11 as of 1.10.21

Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) will no longer be supported as of 01.10.2021. Support for this old browser has already been discontinued by many companies. The manufacturer Microsoft has already done so on 30.11.2020. After 01.10.2021, the user experience may deteriorate when using IE 11. New features will not be available and certain functions may no longer work.

Further help, community forum and tutorials

There are separate help pages for the Unipark programme from the company Questback. Please have a look here first.

EFS online documentation

  • Access via the above website, “Support” button


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