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The feedback system “eduVote” offers the possibility of integrating questions to students into a course. The questions can be prepared or created spontaneously. The aim is to engage students by asking them content-related questions, comprehension questions or surveys to get them in the mood for a topic. Eduvote is very easy to use, can be integrated into existing PowerPoint presentations and is in use at over 20 universities across campus.

eduVote” can be used university-wide for courses by all lecturers, staff and students at Jade University. Members of the university can register with eduVote using their university email address and use the system.

Surveys are conducted anonymously and without registration or IP storage of participants. The tool is therefore also GDPR-compliant. Survey creators can save questions and anonymous answers locally.

Create surveys

Use eduVote

Your university e-mail address serves as an ID so that students can take part in the exact survey. An additional session code as a password is optional. After registering, you will receive an e-mail with a password that you need to start and end surveys. Register once with your university e-mail address. This can be done both on the website and from within the program.

eduVote” can be integrated into PowerPoint or started as an instant poll. Let your students know in the first course that you will be using “eduVote”.

Visit the website eduVote to register, find more information and videos and to download the software for lecturers.

eduVote and PowerPoint

You can download the add-in for PowerPoint from eduvote in the “Instructor” section.

  • Optional submission of multiple answers.
  • Surveys with up to eight possible answers.
  • Groups of yes/no questions can be asked (maximum of 4 yes/no questions on one slide).
  • In addition to columns, other diagram types can also be selected (lines, bars, pies).
  • The correct answers can be marked and displayed.
  • The results of the surveys can be saved locally.
  • Reset all polls of a presentation with one click.

eduVote and 2nd Screen

You can follow the progress of the results on a second screen, e.g. on your smartphone, while the survey is running. You can also allow the audience to ask questions or join in with the questions asked.

After seven days, all texts received on the eduVote server will be deleted. If you wish, you can have the texts sent to an e-mail address beforehand.

Participate in surveys

eduVote for participants

You can take part in surveys in the browser or with the app. Voting is anonymous and without registration. Simply enter the ID of the lecturer(s) (this is the HS email address) and click on VOTE.

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