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How can videos be made available in Moodle?

Note about Youtube videos

Please note that for privacy reasons Youtube videos can only be inserted into Moodle via a link. Direct embedding in the course interface is not possible!

Provide Videos

Videos up to 256 MB can be uploaded directly to Moodle. For larger files the “videohosting” is better suited.

You can also link to the web address of externally hosted videos, e.g. using the “Link/URL” element. Do you already know the TIB AV-Portal for scientific films or the portal for open educational materials “twillo” (funded by MWK)?

Upload videos up to 256 MB directly to Moodle

1. in edit mode: select “Create material or activity” and add a “text field “.
2. click on the icon “Insert or edit audio/video file”.
3. switch to the Video tab and select the locally saved video file with Select file.
4. finish with insert media and save and go to course.

If the upload size is limited, check the settings in the Moodle course room: “Uploads - change maximum file size”.

Videos >256 MB

You can embed videos 256MB or larger in Moodle using videohosting.

Videos from external video platforms can be embedded in Moodle using the web addresses (URL).

1. in edit mode: Create Material or Activity select and add a text field. Click on the Insert or edit audio/video file icon.

3. switch to the Video tab and paste the copied URL. 4. finish with insert media and save and go to course.

Embed Youtube videos in Moodle

This function is currently not available.

Embed YouTube videos in Youtube's enhanced privacy mode.

  1. Open a text field.
  2. Activate the HTML mode with the ”</>” icon.
  3. On Youtube, copy the Insert privacy mode code: “Share”, then “Embed “. Check the option “Enable enhanced privacy “.
  4. In the text box, paste and save changes.
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