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Here we provide information about new features in Moodle that result from version updates or have been added. The information concerns teachers and course owners (role “Teacher”).

Offene Jade HS (ab 08/2023)

Members of Jade UAS can now login to the platform "Offene Jade HS -" with their credentials of Jade UAS. No change for external partners and users, they can register with their mail address.

Onlyoffice Document (January 2024)

Students and teacher now work together in realtime in the activity “Onlyoffice Document”, no need to download, edit and upload files!

Course format "Flexible sections format" (December 2023)

The course format „flexible section format“ allows teachers to organize their course in sections but also in subsections. ((german) PDF)

Matriculation number in Moodle (February 2023)

The matriculation number is now synchronized in Moodle and (only for the role “Teacher”) displayed in the attendance list.

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