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Quick start

Login with your University access data in the Moodle of the Jade University of Applied Sciences -

The Dashboard shows your courses in the overview. Here you can:

  • use the filter function (future/current/past courses).
  • mark courses as favorites
  • see current dates

In the Course room search you can enter module names or names of lecturers.


Courses are organized into course spaces (similar to folders). The path navigation in Moodle is used for orientation. You can always see which course and course areas you are in.

Your own course

You can request a new course room. However, in some departments courses are created centrally (via the dean's office), please check there.

By default you will find a Forum “Announcements” in your course, in which only you have write access. Posts will be sent to registered students at their HS mail address. Everything else you can design yourself, e.g..

To get an overview of all course participants, you can view the participation list. You can add more participants or remove them.

What can you do as a "teacher" in the course?

In the role “Teacher” you have the right to write and edit in your course.
Click the button “Turn editing on” in the upper right corner.

You can now:

  • Edit the names of the sections
  • design required Activities yourself
  • upload files, e.g. simply by drag&drop
  • add sections/topics , move them to other positions and hide or delete them.

Edit course settings

In the course settings you have different options. Here you can:

How do students get into the course?

When your course is set up and ready to be presented, there are different options for Self-enrolment.

  • self-enrollment for students
  • optional: Enrollment key (case sensitive)
  • optional: Define maximum number of participants

If you do not want to allow additional enrollments in your course, set the following in the settings:

  • “Allow new enrollments”: no.
  • “Allow existing enrollments”: Yes


There are two different types of forums:

Offer a poll or choice

The choice activity module enables a teacher to ask a single question and offer a selection of possible responses. Use the choice activity, if you want to assign topics or create a simple poll for course participants.

Collecting work

The assignment activity module enables a teacher to communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback.

Students can submit one or more files and see their submission status.

Reusing courses (next semester)

Depending on your department, there may be special procedures, please contact your dean's office for more information. You can either …

Content can then be imported from the previous course.

Course backup

Moodle courses will automatically create a course backup on a regular basis when there are changes. Please get in touch as soon as possible if something needs to be restored from the backup.

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