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List of participants

Show list of participants

This will display a list of all participants:
In the course room click on “participants” in the navigation bar on the left.
You will see the list of students and teachers enrolled in the course room (see also Roles). You can see if someone belongs to a “group”. The “status” indicates whether the enrolment is still valid (“active”) or has already expired (“inactive”).

The list of participants can be filtered. Some possible filters are keyword (a name), roles (e.g. “student” or “teacher”) or the group.
Individual filters can be combined with a logical AND or OR operation.

Filter list of participants: this search finds all participants in group A named Meyer.

Download a list of all participants

Download a list of all participants, e.g. as an Excel or OpenOffice file:

  1. In the course room, click on the cogwheel at the top right and click on “Setup for assessments” in the menu.
  2. In the drop-down menu “Setup for assessments”, select the entry “Export “ and there the desired target format, e.g. “Excel file”.
  3. Accept the settings or adjust them.
  4. You can save the list locally with the Download button.

Participant list with group membership

You can download a list of participants with details of the groups in the activity “Group selection”, e.g. as an Excel file.

  1. Switch to the Activity “Group selection “.
  2. Display x responses”.
  3. Download list e.g. with “Download in Excel format”.

Short film: Participant list with group membership

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