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A new semester term

At the start of the new semester, instructors have two options: They can continue to use their Moodle course room or prepare a new course room.
Elements from the previous course room can be imported into the new course room.

Option 1: Reusing your course

You want to continue using your course room as it is. You save students' work results in a decentralized location beforehand, if required. The students are logged out of the course room. Then the function “Reset” is correct.

  1. Save students' work results, if needed
  2. Reset course room

Removes users with their data (test and voting results, submissions, forum/wiki/glossary contributions, save before if needed!) from the course room.

Option 2: Requesting a new course

If the current course room shall remain available to students please order a new course room. You can import the previous content into the new course and revise it.

  • Course request in Moodle (Login required)
  • Optional: Import content from previous course
  • Optional: Hide previous course: course settings > option “Show” to “Hide”.
  • Optional: Mark for deletion: Prefix XXX in course name: “XXX-Veranstaltung SoSe21/Dozent_in”.

Reset course

Once done, “Reset” cannot be undone

Prerequisite: You are registered with role “Teacher” in the course room. You must not (additionally) have the role “Student”.

1. Click the cogwheel in the upper right corner (the Settings menu will open) and select Reset: Reset Course overview will be displayed.
2. Select the “Select Default” button (at the bottom of the page).
3. Click the Reset Course button. You will see a summary of your selection, such as how many users will be logged out of the course.
4. The next step cannot be undone!. Click Next to finally reset the course.

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