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Edit profile

You can edit your personal profile in moodle and make some settings here.

  1. Moodle login with HS credentials
  2. Click on the dropdown menu in the upper right corner next to the profile picture, select profile.
  3. Click on the button “Edit profile” in the upper right corner.

You can then edit the following items in the profile overview:

  • General
    • Last name
    • First name
    • Email address
    • Visibility of email address to other moodle users
    • MoodleNet profile (if available)
    • Residence information, time zone
    • Description (you can insert any text here)
  • User picture

At this point you can upload and use a photo (acceptable file formats are GIF/JPG/JPEG/PNG). An image description is useful to increase accessibility.

  • Additional Names (if needed).
  • Personal Interests (tags can be selected and assigned here).
  • Optional (various messenger contact options as well as phone number).
  • Additional profile settings (here you can enter your title)

Edit settings

  1. Moodle login with HS credentials
  2. Click on the dropdown menu next to the profile picture in the upper right corner, select Settings.

  • Edit profile (see above).
  • Select language (German/English/Spanish/French/Chinese)
  • Set forums
    • Configure email summary (single/daily email with all posts or topics only).
    • Subscribe to forum (if post yourself or never subscribe)
    • Experimental nested topic view yes/no
  • Forum tracking
    • Forum tracking (highlight new posts in color or not).
    • When sending messages to forum (mark post as read/not read).
  • Select text editor (Standard/Atto (recommended)/Tiny MCE/Unformatted)
  • Course settings (affects display of activity selection)
  • Calendar Settings (time display format/start of week/number of upcoming appointments/appointment preview/filter settings)
  • Security key (RSS feeds, if required)
  • Messages (privacy settings/system messages).
  • System messages (activate/deactivate individually)
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