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Log out of course room

In the πŸ‘₯ participant list, several participants can be edited at the same time.
You can remove several participants from the course in one step, for example. In the participant list, the editing rights (roles) as well as the group membership of participants can also be changed.

1. Select β€œparticipants” in the navigation to display the β€œparticipant list”.
2. In the β€œSelect” column, select all the participants concerned.
3. Select the desired action, e.g. remove a participant from the course room: β€œDelete selected self-enrollment”.

If required: Add or remove role by clicking on the pencil symbol in the β€œRole” column. Select or delete role(s) and save.
If necessary: edit group membership by clicking the pencil icon in the β€œGroups” column. Select or delete group(s) and save.

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