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Change course title

You can edit the basic entries from the course order as course owner (role “Teacher”).
Exception: Only Moodlesupport or your E-Learning representatives can change the course area.


In the course room at the top right next to “Turn editing on/off” you will find the action menu (cogwheel) that opens the settings. In the settings you change, among other things, the course name, the course description and the visibility of the course room for students.

1. click the Action menu (cogwheel)(the Settings menu opens) and select Edit Settings: The Edit Course Settings overview is displayed.
2. Make settings, see also below. Confirm changes with button “Save and display”. (Cancel exits the page without making any changes.)

Basic entries:

  • Full course name.

Course WiSe22/Instructor

  • Short course name

WiSe22 event/lecturer(abbreviate name of “event” if necessary). The name must be unique in the whole system.

  • Course Area

The course area is the folder in which the course room is located. This is usually the module name. Changes are made on request by Moodlesupport.

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