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Zoom FAQ

Testing audio and video

Share screen or application

Prevent participants from chatting with each other

At the beginning of the zoom conference, you can set in the “Chat” section whether students are only allowed to communicate with the teacher or also with each other.

To do this, select the desired option in the chat settings.

  1. Dial into the conference
  2. Select the Chat section
  3. Click on at the bottom right and make the setting:

Participant can chat with:

  • None
  • Host only
  • everyone public
  • Everyone public and connected

Technical problems

What is zoombombing?

Video conferences without access protection (e.g. password) can - if the URL is made publicly available - be entered and disturbed by uninvited guests.
To protect meetings, Zoom meetings at Jade University are configured to require a password by default.

Video tutorials and training courses

Zoom offers free online training in German as well as video tutorials

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