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Installation and login

Install the Zoom application and log in with your university access data.
Participants in a Zoom meeting do not need to register.
Exception: Authentication is required by the host. Then a login via SSO is required.

1. Download the Zoom application ("Client").
2. Install the application: Run the file “ZoomInstaller.exe”.
3. Log in with “SSOplugin-autotooltip__plain plugin-autotooltip_big"SSO" stands for "Single Sign-on and actually means logging on to a workstation once. Here we mean the use of university access data. ” an:\.

  • The company domain is:
  • Log in with your university credentials.

Teachers start the Zoom Meeting via Moodle. Students call up the Zoom meeting via their course room. External participants can join meetings, e.g. if they receive the joining link. Help page on

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