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Service Teaching and Learning Systems (LMS)

Are you looking for information on Moodle and other services available for digital teaching? You'll find what you're looking for here in the LMS Wiki!

🚏 Guide: How can the LMS Wiki help me?

  • You are working with Moodle for the first time? Then the πŸš€Quickstart will give you a first overview of the most important functions.
  • Questions about logging in to Moodle? See the section β€œAccess”.
  • How do I find courses in Moodle? See the β€œNavigation” section.

The wiki also provides information on the topics:

  • Webconferences - systems used, access, usage.
  • Video - Storing/Video hosting and provisioning, video recording with OBS
  • Tools - Feedback tools for teaching (ARS), online surveys for research and student work (Unipark), plagiarism detection (PlagAware)

Current notices

Current information about the services (maintenance times, technical problems, new functions) in the

Support Moodle Team

Didn't find what you were looking for? We look forward to your message to the Moodle team!

Jade University is a member of the Moodle User Association (MUA), signatory of the joint declaration of the German community-based Open Source Educational Platforms (oslms) and founding member of the association β€œMoodle at universities”.

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